About MiVaBo

1: Bonaire has a modern disability policy

MiVaBo wants to ensure that policy makers, politicians and commercial parties participate in a modern disability policy on Bonaire and a proper implementation. To achieve this MiVaBo performs an active lobby.

2: Bonaireans are aware of the problems of the disabled.

Abled and disabled Bonaireans know their rights and obligations in the field of disability. Who has a disability, can better defend themselves. Who does not have limitations take others into account. To achieve this, MiVaBo organise public relations actions.

3: Disabled Bonaireans know their surroundings and available support

Disabled people know which places on Bonaire are, or are not, accessible to them. They also know what help is available and know how to find it. They know that this information can be found on the MiVaBo website.

All activities of MiVaBo result from these 3 goals. To achieve these goals, we work together with governments, politicians, retailers, tourism companies and social organizations in Bonaire, CuraƧao, the Netherlands and the US.

Happiness can not be expressed in money. But when MiVaBo gets the job done to make the life of a disabled person more comfortable we guarantee that this person becomes a happier person. What should have been the costs, the help of MivaBo?

  • Sentro di Bario Nort Salina
  • Library
  • Directorate of Society and Care
  • SGB school community
  • Catholic church
  • WEB Water and Electricity company Bonaire
  • DROB Spatial Planning Department Bonaire
  • Executive council
  • Tax office
  • Sentro di Bario Tera Cora
  • Sentro di Bario Nikiboko
  • Sentro di Bario Antriol
  • Supermarket Van den Tweel
  • Supermarket Warehouse
  • Flamingo Airport
  • MCB Bank Hato Branch
  • Primary school De Pelikaan
  • Legal and general affairs department
  • Hospital
  • General practice center
  • ZVK Health insurance office
  • Physiotherapy practice Bon Fysio
  • Physiotherapy practice Fysio di Bario
  • Laboratory Bonaire Lab
  • Divi Flamingo Resort